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We were finding the answers before our competitors knew what the questions were. We understand trends and how they impact our clients, who rely on us because we see problems, before they’re problems. We always have.

Online Shopping Continues to Redefine the Retail C-Suite

The rate of change in retail quickens every day. Recently, we updated our previous studies focusing upon the Board Room and specific functions in the C-Suite. This survey was conducted at a CEO Summit meeting held in New York prior to the kick-off of the Holiday selling season.

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The Future of the Retail C-Suite

A follow up to The State of Retail in a Digital World (below), Berglass + Associates measured not only the impact but also the intensity of the changes needed in the C-Suite. This work creates an essential picture of how to be effective against a changing consumer.

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What Happens When Millennials Get The Wallet?

We began defining millennial impact before many of our peers discovered millennials. This study explains how and why millennials shop differently than Baby Boomers, and most importantly, identifies this segment for our clients so they can adjust their filters for selecting talent who know how to sell to this new generation.

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The State of Retail in a Digital World

The purpose of this study was to identify the lack of alignment between this new form of distribution - digital - and classic retail. Retailers surveyed shared that they recognized the opportunity for growth but also saw the challenges in leveraging it fully. Respondents revealed concerns about the digital sophistication of their C-Suite and Board leadership. This was done at the end of the recession and spots trends we’re seeing in full force today.

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