Matthew Berglass

Matthew Berglass


Matt’s impressive track record in consumer goods brings the strengths of soft goods, hard goods, grocery and real estate to the Berglass + Associates portfolio. Matt has also broadened the firm’s practice with his knowledge and relationships within the investment community. His extensive work in the Private Equity universe has earned him a reputation for understanding the metrics that investors demand. Matt’s team of recruiters place C-Suite and mid-management executives in assignments from product development to finance. His high-level placements consistently lead teams that deliver on increased shareholder value. Matt manages the Berglass + Associates team with a true understanding of people’s strengths and passions.

A dedicated work ethic and a philosophy that supports approach as much as results continually inspire exceptional contributions from those around him.

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“We are a firm with an extraordinary network, and more importantly, access to the contemporary talent in that network. We connect with candidates and clients on a personal level. This understanding and connection provides a number of things for our clients beginning with our ability to produce candidates that other recruiters cannot. We have long-term relationships that allow us to create introductions and subsequent talent acquisition opportunities that exceed the standard. We don’t just make hundreds of placements - we place the right candidates. Our experience with businesses and brands allows us to understand business issues as well as brand needs. We are able to address them with thought-leading, problem-solving placements. When a potential client calls, we understand the need to demonstrate that our recent placements provide a starting point to meet their current needs. However, we place a significant value on the long-term effectiveness of the leaders we’ve placed over the years. From Sharen Turney, CEO of Victoria’s Secret or Mike McDonald, CEO of DSW, we place executives who positively impact shareholder value. Our experience provides us with a broad base of knowledge in the consumer space. While many know us for our work in retail and soft goods, we have built a much broader practice that includes: grocery (Jetro), real estate (Regus), luxury retail (Fred Segal), beauty (Estee Lauder) and international (Ramos Grupo). We work on multibillion-dollar global brands as well as private equity builds and start-ups. We understand how to match the right talent - with the appropriate opportunity – and know we’ve succeeded based on their length of time at the company and increased shareholder value. Those metrics for success never lie.”