Les Berglass

Les Berglass

Founder, Chairman / CEO

Les opened the doors to Berglass + Associates with the goal of building a future-thinking, responsive firm that would lead the charge in hiring contemporary executives for the consumer goods and retail industries. Les’ greatest strength is his ability to anticipate change – and respond to it. Berglass + Associates was the first firm to identify many of the defining characteristics seen in retail today – and was the first to understand what type of talent would succeed in this very different universe. He defines his company’s success by the ability to place executives who can increase shareholder value.

Under Les’ leadership, Berglass + Associates has become one of the most effective and well-respected search firms in the market today.


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“From the day we opened our doors, we saw that consumers were changing their buying habits. This perspective has allowed us to anticipate both the verticalization and branding of retail. We saw the enormous impact of digital early on. We also spotted the millennial influence at its earliest stages. We were the first to see private equity’s interest in retail and quickly understood that their definition of leadership was unique.

Finding and placing contemporary leaders means we have to thoroughly understand industries and functions in a way that arms companies with executives who think and live in the future – who can anticipate and navigate change. The best candidates must be as strong in five years as they are today. When assessing the ‘talent marketplace’, we value skills over resume. Using this filter generates candidates that can forecast what’s next. It identifies executives who know the difference between history and heritage. It’s why we continue to be leaders within our specialty.”